Retail sales in Poland increased in December but online vendors lose out

Rafał Guz/PAP

Share of online sales fell in Poland in December despite retail sales as a whole enjoying a surge, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) said on Monday.

GUS figures showed that the share of online sales in current prices fell from 11.4 percent in November to 10.2 percent last month while retail sales increased in real terms 8 percent, year on year, and by 14.9 percent month on month.

Both, annual and monthly increases of retail sales in real terms, remained below the expectations of economists interviewed by PAP. They projected a 9.6 percent increase year on year and a 16.7 percent increase month on month.

At current prices, Polish retail sales went up 16.9 percent year on year in December, according to GUS, which is slightly above the expectations of 16.6 percent.

The largest share loss was registered by online vendors of clothing and footwear (from 28.6 percent in November to 24 percent in December), press and books (from 26.6 percent to 23.2 percent), and furniture and household appliances (from 20.3 percent to 17.5 percent).

However, the value of online retail sales picked up by 3.2 percent in December in current prices, the GUS data also showed.