Restored urban area in Tirana named after Frederic Chopin


A new park named after Poland’s most famous pianist and composer Frederic Chopin was opened in the Albania's capital on June 21, celebrated as World Music Day, Albania’s ATA agency has reported.

Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj led the ceremony at the entrance to the city’s Artificial Lake in the presence of Polish Ambassador Karol Bachura and French Ambassador Christina Vasak as well as the president of the local Chopin Association, Zhani Ciko.

Mayor Veliaj called the park another of the city’s “jewels” and said special attention had been paid to initiatives to restore public spaces.

“A year with several anniversaries,” the mayor said. “It is the anniversary of Chopin, it is also the anniversary of Tirana. One of the initiatives that can work even in times of pandemics is the rehabilitation of public spaces in the city. Chopin Square is the main entrance to the Artificial Lake of Tirana, so it is a final reflection before we enter a quieter and cleaner environment.”

Ambassador Bachura expressed gratitude to the Tirana city authorities for their commitment to art and for honouring Chopin.

“We are extremely happy that, along with the Tirana mayor, we managed to reconstruct this square and also enable the installation of lighting to provide the visibility of the monument even at night,” Ambassador Bachura said.

French Ambassador Christina Vasak described Chopin as one of Europe’s greatest figures.