Restaurant sector lobby to sue State Treasury - press

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

About 200 hospitality sector companies plan to join a class action lawsuit against the state owing to losses run up under lockdown restrictions.

The firms will join a suit prepared by the Polish Gastronomy Chamber of Commerce, which will file a complaint when more companies come forward, the Gazeta Polska Codzienne newspaper reported on Monday.

Companies taking part in the legal action want to receive damages for the losses they have incurred. The sector's combined losses caused by lockdown restrictions are estimated to be about PLN 1 billion (EUR 222 million) and the suit seeks to attribute the losses to the State Treasury.

Slawomir Grzyb of the chamber of commerce's management board told the paper that the group intends to lodge the complaint when it has gathered between 650 and 1,000 plaintiffs, adding that the suit would be lodged by the end of March.

The chamber said that the intention of the lawsuit is to establish that the State Treasury is responsible for damages caused by the alleged illegal and careless activities of public authorities under the state of epidemiological threat.