Response from junior coalition member a matter of hours - ruling party

Leader of Law and Justice (PiS) Jaroslaw Kaczynski presented on Monday conditions for the future existence of the United Right coalition to Zbigniew Ziobro, the head of Solidary Poland, a junior coalition member, PAP was told by PiS spokeswoman Anita Czerwinska.

"I believe that the response from Solidary Poland is a matter of hours," Czerwinska told radio broadcaster PR24 on Tuesday.

"This is not an ultimatum. There was a meeting during which these conditions were discussed. And now we are waiting for a response," Czerwinska said, expressing her hope that it would be positive.

A crisis in the ruling coalition broke out last week after the Sejm (lower house) passed amendments to the animal protection law.

Out of 229 members of the ruling United Right coalition comprising Law and Justice (PiS) and the Solidary Poland and Agreement parties, 176 PiS MPs supported the amended bill. In all, 38 PiS caucus members voted against, including all MPs of Solidary Poland, a junior member of the ruling United Right coalition, and two members of the Agreement, another junior member of the ruling coalition. Fifteen Agreement members abstained from voting. Agriculture Minister Ardanowski was among those voting against.

After a coalition meeting on Monday, Czerwinska wrote on Twitter that her party had made 'firm decisions' that would be revealed later in the week.