Remote work requires new regulations in Poland - study

Marcin Bielecki/PAP

Poland should introduce clear regulations that would provide employers and employees who work remotely with an appropriate level of flexibility, the Pracodawcy RP business lobby said on Monday.

According to a report prepared by the group, 30 percent of workers say that it was impossible for them to combine their professional work with family life. Some 45 percent have experienced a sense of isolation, lacking social contact.

The negative effects of distance work are reported by 94 percent of those polled, which, as highlighted by the lobby, makes it necessary to provide psychological care to both employees and employers.

"A new Labour Code regulation for remote work should cover fundamental issues and introduce minimum standards," Pracodawcy said.

Specifying frequency or place of remote work, the equipment of the remote workstation and the amount of subsidies to cover the costs of utilities are needed, it said.

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