Recovery Plan will help Poland "fight" crisis says PM

Leszek Szymański/PAP

The prime minister has said that the government’s National Recovery Plan, a part of the its New Polish Deal, will help the country bounce back from the pandemic “crisis”.

Taking to Facebook, Mateuesz Morawiecki lauded the plan, but stressed the virus must be brought under control first.

"First, the National Recovery Plan, and then the New Deal, this is our strategy to fight the crisis," Morawiecki wrote.

The prime minister added that the Covid-19 crisis has come as a gigantic shock to Poland, but he also said it had provided a lesson that Poles must learn from in order to close the development gap between the East and the West.

Based on five pillars, including digital transformation and strengthening economic resilience, the recovery plan is a cornerstone of the Polish government’s post-pandemic economic policy.

The "New Polish Deal" programme will primarily include investment plans for infrastructure and innovation projects that could enhance social and economic life in the post-pandemic period.