Rebuilding Skopje

International urban planning team in Skopje, December 1964. From left - Bożydar Rząd-Górnicki, Tihomir Arsovski, Maria Niemczyk, Stanisław Jankowski, Juliusz Wilski, Olgierd Kuncewicz. Kiro Georgievski, from "Your Aid to Skopje", 10-12/1964

In this episode, a tale of how back in the 1960s an intrepid team of Polish architects helped rebuild Skopje – the capital of what is now North Macedonia – after a devastating earthquake.

Host John Beauchamp speaks to Kinga Nettmann-Multanowska, who has just written a new book which highlights the Poles’ assistance six decades ago.

More information about the rebuilding of Skopje can also be found on TFN here.