Reboot for The Debrief


We’re back from a hiatus and ready to get the TFN podcast engines revved up again. Consider this a reboot, or even a pre-reboot, as you’ll find out in this episode with host John Beauchamp.

We’re working on a format change for The Debrief. Not that the old format didn’t work, but it’s been taken over more or less by What’s Up Poland, a weekly live video I’m now doing for TFN with Paddy Ney and our Ed-in-Chief Dagmara Leszkowicz. Give it a try! 

There’ll be more updates before the year is up as The Debrief will be coming out twice a week to wrap up 2020 with a bang. Is there anything you would like to hear on The Debrief? Are there any pressing issues you want to be addressed? Do let me know – the email address is