Real wage to rise by 141 percent in Poland by 2040 - PwC report

By 2040, the real wage in Poland will increase by 141 percent. In two decades Polish earnings will reach the equivalent of 71 percent of the average wage in Great Britain, according to a report by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

"According to the PwC experts forecast, wages in Poland will increase by 141 percent in the next 20 years. In terms of the dynamics of salary growth, our country (Poland - PAP) was placed fifth out of the 21 countries surveyed by economists. Only countries like India (increase by 222 percent), Malaysia (184 percent), Indonesia (176 percent) and China (145 percent) will be able to boast of better results than Poland. At the same time, Germany (41 percent), the United Kingdom (29 per cent), the United States (22 per cent) and France (21 per cent) will record much lower growth," the report said.

PwC experts noted that despite such a rapid wage increase in Poland, the average monthly wage will be lower than in mature countries' economies across the globe, approaching around USD 3,000, while in the UK it will reach almost USD 4,000 and USD 5,500 in South Korea.

According to the Central Statistical Office, the average gross wage in the corporate sector totalled 4,931 (USD 1,300) in January 2019, which gives an increase of 7.5 percent year on year.