Raw materials possible from Africa, Asia, Ukraine, official says

Poland may seek to secure supplies of gas and other strategic raw-materials from African and Asian countries and Ukraine, a Polish government official said on Saturday.

Piotr Dziadzio, a deputy climate and environment minister and Poland's chief geologist, said cooperation with raw material markets in Africa, Asia and Ukraine was foreseen under a currently consulted National Raw Materials Policy document authored by his ministry.

Dziadzio said the document outlines steps necessary to ensure Poland sufficient access to strategic fuels and raw materials, also in view of demands arising from the EU's climate policy.

Dziadzio said that EU climate goals made it necessary to secure sufficient gas supplies as it will be the main energy fuel in the coming years, with a dwindling demand for hard and brown coal. He added that the Polish industry and hi-tech sectors were also in need of raw materials like coking coal, copper, zinc, sulphur, lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphite, and said Africa, Asia and Ukraine offered good prospects for partnership in this respect.

"We know that some of these raw materials can only be obtained through international cooperation. Our services have already launched talks on the international arena, where we are seeking to strike up or renew ties in order to gain access to various raw materials. We are looking for partners in Africa and Asia," Dziadzio said. He added that in July Poland also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on strategic raw materials with Ukraine, which offered over 100 different types of raw materials.