Rappers’ holocaust song sparks fury

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German rappers have caused outrage after winning a Hip Hop competition with a song calling for “a new Holocaust.” 

In the song entitled 0815, rappers Kollegah and Islam-convert Farid Bang sang: “Let’s do another Holocaust, let’s grab the Molotov cocktails.”

The pair then added that their muscles are more defined than those of Auschwitz inmates.

Leaders of Germany’s Jewish community have now slammed the two as well as the organisers of the annual Echo Music competition which took place in Berlin on April 12, the same day as Holocaust Day in Israel. 

Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Munich-Bavarian Jewish community  issued a strongly-worded statement saying that this was yet more proof that anti-Semitism has become commonplace in German society today. 

She said: "Anti-Jewish prejudices are not art. The pair of rappers are reaching millions, many of them young people." 

Heiko Mass, the German Justice Minister, also criticised the decision to award the two rappers and said that “anti-Semitic provocations do not deserve a prize”. 

Fellow rappers were also quick to pour scorn on the pair. 

During the ceremony, punk band frontman Campino from Germany’s Die Toten Hosen said that "the two rappers crossed the line with their comparison to Auschwitz" and criticised the decision to award them the prize. 

In response, the two rappers appeared on stage with a cartoon mimicking Campino and said they had no intention of opening a political discussion. 

But they did apologise for the lyrics of the song.

Moroccan-born Farid Bang said: "We distance ourselves from any form of anti-Semitism or hatred of minorities" 

The organisers of the Echo Music event initially defended their decision to award the prize to the pair of rappers, claiming that: "Their work stands within the borders of freedom of art.” 

They have since withdrawn the award saying they: "Do not want it to be seen as a platform for anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia or an underestimation of violence."