'Radicals' in gov't allied with opposition against EU funding, PM warns

Morawiecki said the coalition should remain standing despite the dispute. Adam Warżawa/PAP

Poland’s prime minister has claimed “radicals” within the governing coalition are trying to team up with the opposition to prevent Poland getting access to an EU pandemic-recovery fund.

Mateusz Morawiecki's claims will heighten speculation of a growing rift over EU policy in the coalition between his Law and Justice party and Solidary Poland, a junior ally led by Zbigniew Ziobro, the justice minister.

Ziobro is opposed to the government making any concessions to the EU in order to gain access to billions of euros from the fund. The European Commission has frozen Poland out of the fund until it withdraws or alters changes to the judicial system Brussels claims undermine the rule of law.

Speaking to the wPolsce.pl TV broadcaster on Tuesday, Morawiecki said: "(In the funding issue - PAP) the opposition is seeking allies on the fringes of our camp. This brings together radicals on both sides, who would be happy if there was no funding."

But he said the coalition should remain standing despite the dispute.

"I am convinced (the coalition - PAP) will not fall apart... I am trying to make it clear to our coalition partners that we need these funds," the prime minister said.