Race on to save Ukraine’s cultural heritage from destruction as Poland reveals ‘special task force’ delivering essential aid

Destroyed Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kharkiv after bombing. PAP

The Ministry of Culture is assisting museums in war-torn Ukraine by organizing transports of supplies that will help the country rescue its artworks and cultural artifacts.

Posting  on Facebook on Wednesday, the ministry said that the transports include, 2,000 fire extinguishers, fire-proof curtains as well as ‘kilometers of assembly tapes, specialized fabrics and equipment and materials for securing and storing cultural goods.”

Many of Ukraine’s cultural masterpieces are under threat of complete destruction.PAP

It added that many Polish museums and cultural institutions were involved in the effort to help their colleagues in Ukraine, saying: "The first transport with materials from the National Museum in Poznan reached the National Gallery of Art in Lviv on March 11.”

In addition, a Polish library had bought 600 books for Ukrainian children and transported them to Poland.

The ministry said: "Since the very beginning of Russia's aggression in Ukraine, a special task force has been in operation at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which monitors the situation in terms of threats to culture and heritage related to Russia's aggression towards Ukraine, and is in direct contact with Polish and Ukrainian cultural institutions, coordinating aid activities.”