Putting a spin on Polish culture

Stefan Tompson

In this episode of The Debrief, a chat with film maker and PR adviser Stefan Tompson on cultural marketing.

Host John Beauchamp speaks to Stefan Tompson in the studio for a chat on his latest work, how conservative aesthetics has a chance to make a comeback in cultural marketing and the issue of how content often overpowers form in film-making.

For those listeners who haven’t come across Stefan’s work, he is known for his educational videos which highlight Polish history, some of which have taken YouTube by storm, and he is a PR adviser and strategist for organisations linked to the current government as well private enterprises.

Apart from that, he is seen as a Wunderkind among conservative circles in Poland. However, that doesn’t stop Stefan from a fair amount of critique of how conservative circles approach the so-called culture industry.

In this week’s review:

· Poland donates Covid vaccines to Uzbekistan, thanks for evacuation help

· Ruling party leader says Poland's future is in EU, no ‘Polexit’  

· August inflation rises to 5.5 pct y/y - stats office

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