Public transport passenger limits to be increased from Saturday

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

From Saturday until May 14, more people will be allowed to travel on Poland's public transport network and the limit will rise again from May 15 under a new regulation from the Council of Ministers.

The move comes amid a general easing of Covid-19 restrictions that comes into force from Saturday.

Under the new rules, buses and trams will be able to carry more passengers, though some restrictions will still apply.

Until May 14, public transport will be able to carry no more than 50-percent seating capacity or 30 percent seating and standing capacity combined, while leaving at least 30 percent of seating capacity unoccupied (currently the limit is at least 50 percent).

From May 15 until June 5, public transport will be allowed to carry no more than 100 percent of seating capacity, or 50 percent of sitting and standing space combined, while leaving at least 50 percent of seats unoccupied.