Public support for government rises slightly in May

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Support for the Polish government was voiced by 34 percent of respondents to a May survey, up 3 percentage points (pps) on April's result, the CBOS pollster reported on Wednesday.

Despite the growth in government supporters, they remained in the minority in May, with 36 percent of respondents expressing opposition (down 2 pps on April) and 26 percent indifference (also down 2 pps). A further 4 percent of pollees chose the response "hard to say" (up 1 pps).

Forty percent of those polled said they were happy that Mateusz Morawiecki was prime minister (up 2 pps on April) while 45 percent expressed the opposite view (down 3 pps). Fifteen percent of the public indicated "hard to say" (up 1 pps).

Perceptions of the results of the government's actions also changed since April's survey, with 47 percent negatively assessing the results (up by 1 pps) and 41 percent voicing praise for the government's actions (up 1 pps). The "hard to say" response was chosen by 12 percent of respondents (down 2 pps).

The public's assessment of the government's economic policy did not change significantly since the previous month's poll with 34 percent saying it gave hope of an improved economic situation (unchanged) and 53 percent holding a dissenting opinion (down 1 pps). Thirteen percent indicated the "hard to say" response (down 1 pps).

CBOS conducted the poll between May 2 and 12 on a representative group of 1,087 people using a mixed-mode procedure.