Public increasingly critical of state aid to companies, workers

Public assessments of the level of government support to companies and workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic are currently worse than ever before, a poll by CBOS has shown.

Only one in four people surveyed believe that entrepreneurs and workers are receiving sufficient support, CBOS reported.

"While general opinions of the government's effectiveness in fighting the epidemic are successively improving, the assessment of the scale of state support for companies and their workers are the worst to date," CBOS wrote in its report. "Only one in four (25 percent, down two percentage points on December) believe that entrepreneurs and workers are receiving sufficient support. Over half (56 percent, up 3 percentage points on a month earlier) assess the government's actions in this area as insufficient."

According to the survey, 47 percent of Poles surveyed believe that the government is generally managing the fight against the epidemic well. The opposite view was expressed by 45 percent of pollees.

"The effectiveness of government action in fighting the epidemic was assessed most poorly in the second half of October," CBOS wrote. "Since that time, opinions on the effectiveness of government actions have successively improved. Currently, 47 percent of those surveyed (3 percentage points up on December 2020 and 9 percentage points higher than in the second half of October) believe the government is managing the fight against the epidemic well."

The 45 percent critical of the government's Covid-19 response was 6 percentage points down on December's result and 10 percent lower than in the second half of October, CBOS reported. The proportion of people satisfied with the results of government activity in this area outweighed critical voices for the first time in three months, though only slightly, CBOS said.

CBOS ran the survey using mixed methodologies on January 4-14, 2021, on a sample of 1,150 people.