Prussian heritage explored at Borussia Foundation

The Mendelsohn House in Olsztyn, a Jewish pre-burial house which is used by the Borussia Foundation in Olsztyn. The building was designed in 1913 by renowned architect Erich Mendelsohn. Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

In this edition of the podcast, we are in Poland’s Mazury lake district to visit the Borussia Foundation – and we aren’t talking football…

While the region has been within Poland’s borders since 1945, much of the area constituted East Prussia before the war, including the city of Allenstein, or what is now Olsztyn, where we are for this episode.

So what does this chequered history mean for the region now? Host John Beauchamp visits the Borussia Foundation at the Mendelsohn House to talk about the region’s Prussian history and heritage with Ewa Romanowska and Alicja Kulik.

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