Prosecutors seize over EUR 300 mln in criminal money

Poland's Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro and the Chief of Police Jaroslaw Szymczyk on Friday announced that their agencies have obtained the equivalent of PLN 1.27 billion (EUR 300 million) in criminally-laundered money.

Ziobro explained to reporters that the intercepted amount comprised sums in Polish, British and American currency. He added the criminal money was obtained thanks to "exemplary" cooperation between prosecutors in Wroclaw (southwestern Poland) and the police's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBS). 

As investigators have learned, the money likely originates from international drug trade, as well as from gigantic fraud, and had been deposited in the bank accounts of two Polish-based companies.

Chief of Police Szymczyk added that the case had been worked on by Poland's top prosecutors and police inspectors, who could also rely on assistance from foreign agencies, such as Europol and Interpol.