Prosecutor general seeks to strip opposition MP of immunity

At the request of the Warsaw Regional Prosecutor, Poland's prosecutor general asked the Sejm (lower house) speaker on Wednesday for permission to prosecute opposition Civic Coalition (KO) MP Slawomir Nitras, the National Prosecutor's Office (PK) has announced.

The National Prosecutor's office is seeking to strip an MP of his parliamentary immunity over to behaviour it described as “hooligan”. 

Slawomir Nitras, an MP from the opposition KO political grouping, could face charges of physical assault on fellow MPs and obstructing a journalist from carrying out his duties. 

He is also accused of insulting female MPs.

"According to the findings of an investigation, Slawomir Nitras MP reacted with a violent outburst of aggression to an opinion against his views, expressed during a discussion by Iwona Arent MP," the prosecutor wrote.  "He kicked her in the thigh and when she said she would report the incident to the Parliamentary Ethics Committee, he insulted her with a vulgar word,” the prosecutor continued.

“The incident occurred in October 2018 on a parliamentary bus which the MPs were travelling to Warsaw airport in." 

The prosecutor’s office added Nitras in under investigation for an alleged assault on Sebastian Kaleta MP. Nitras allegedly pushed and physically prevented Kaleta from entering and inspecting the 'Czajka' sewage works in Warsaw in July 2020.

The office went on to say Nitras had apparently used physical force against a journalist, who in July 2020 during an election rally in Ciechanow, north-central Poland, tried to ask a presidential candidate a question.  The KO MP apparently pushed and pulled the journalist, and taunted him aggressively, thereby preventing him from carrying out his professional duties.  

Stripping Nitras of parliamentary immunity would enable charges to be brought against him for "hooligan behaviour," the prosecutor said.

In response Nitras said: "I laugh at these charges. It is absolutely an attempt to discredit me, to make a hooligan out of me, a bully.  “Any court will laugh at these charges, and I laugh at them myself, I laugh at Mr (Prosecutor General, Zbigniew) Ziobro, I laugh at Mr Kaleta and at their charges because they are simply using the prosecutor for political aims, because that is the nature of these charges," he continued.