Projects handled by PAIH up by EUR 1.6 billion over a year

The value of projects handled by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) grew by EUR 1.6 billion from May 2017 to May 2018. In 2018, the agency has already completed 16 projects worth EUR 300 million.

According to PAIH, the agency is currently supporting 182 investments worth EUR 6.5 billion, which can create over 48,000 new jobs.

"Over the year, the value of projects went up by EUR 1.65 billion," the agency reported, adding that agency-supported investments by German companies went up threefold over this period from EUR 560.5 million to EUR 1.5 billion.

The agency added that a year earlier the value of six projects by Chinese investors reached EUR 421 million, while now it is 12 investments worth EUR 1.33 billion.

Over the last year, South Korean investments increased twofold. The agency is currently running six projects worth EUR 232.6 million while in May 2017, it was seven investments totalling EUR 125 million.

The number of Turky's investments has increased from three to six, which are worth EUR 99.9 million.

According to PAIH, the biggest number of projects has been launched by US investors (57 projects worth EUR 1.06 billion), German companies (25 projects worth EUR 1.55 billion), and Japan (57 projects worth EUR 1.06 billion).

Singapore is a country whose businesses have been serviced by the agency for the first time in 2018. PAIH is currently handling four Singaporean investments worth EUR 15 million.

Electromobility projects have become "the agency's sector leader." Their value stands at EUR 1.25 billion and the number of potential jobs is estimated at 3,700.

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