AstraZeneca vaccine delivery cancelled by producer

A supply of AstraZeneca vaccines, planned to arrive in Poland on Thursday, has been cancelled by the producer, the Material Reserves Agency (ARM) has reported.

“The delay is not big and does not complicate our plans, the (vaccinations) schedule we are currently implementing," Kuczmierowski told private braodcaster TVN24.

Commenting on the matter, European Commission (EC) spokesman Stefan De Keersmaeker told news conference in Brussels that a few weeks ago, the company informed the EC that it was experiencing problems with production capacity.

The vaccines, that are now due to arrive on Monday, were set to be distributed and given to people in the zero group of the national vaccination programme, comprising of mainly medical personnel.

The government started the large-scale operation in late December, with health-service workers amongst the first to be protected against the virus. In January citizens over 80 were added to the programme.

According to government data, around 1.2 million people in the 38 million country have been fully vaccinated with two doses.