Presidential election via postal vote was needed - ruling party official

A spokesman for the governing Law and Justice party has said the party is “not afraid” of an investigation by the Supreme Audit Office into a cancelled postal vote for president last year.

According to media reports, the audit office (NIK) believes that holding the presidential election via a postal vote was illegal, and that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the head of the Prime Minister's Office Michal Dworczyk were responsible for this.

But this has been rebuffed by Law and Justice.

"We are not afraid of any inspection carried out by the Supreme Audit Office or any other institution, we have nothing to feel guilty about," the party's deputy spokesman Radoslaw Fogiel told a Catholic radio programme on Friday.

"I believe that the decision taken by the prime minister to hold presidential elections via a postal vote in 2020 was, at that time, just and necessary," he said.

The head of NIK, Marian Banas, announced that, on May 18, it will publish a full report about the planned postal vote in May 2020, which in the end was postponed until July due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fogiel said that the elections had to be held via a postal vote due to the pandemic, and that it was the constitutional duty of the authorities to organise them since President Andrzej Duda's term of office had nearly ended.

Rejecting accusations that there were not any legal grounds to hold the election via a postal vote, Fogiel said that the Prime Minister's Office had at its disposal a legal analysis "which had made it possible to take such a decision."

Banas has stated that the Supreme Audit Office was the only independent institution that was not influenced by the ruling authorities nor any political party.

NIK is responsible for auditing government agencies, state-owned companies and institutions.