Presidential election should be held in June - PM

The presidential election should take place in June, PM Mateusz Morawiecki said on Wednesday and appealed to the Senate to proceed the ballot bill "without any delay".

He said that "the legal status should be clarified" before publishing of the State Electoral Commission's (PKW) resolution, which states that in the May-10 scheduled presidential elections there was no possibility to vote and that the Sejm (lower house) speaker would announce a new date within 14 days of the resolution being published.

"Today, the new election bill, adopted by the Sejm, cannot be finally included in the Polish legal order, because the Senate (where the opposition holds a fragile majority), once again, prolongs, delays and freezes" work on it, he added.

According to Morawiecki, the opposition wants to "unsettle moods and lead to chaos at all costs."

The prime minister expressed his conviction that the presidential vote is plausible on June 28, as signalled by the ruling party, but whether it will be ultimately held on that date depends on the pace of the work in the Senate, which in his opinion is trying to "greatly obstruct the electoral process."

On May 12, the Sejm passed a new 2020 presidential ballot bill. Prepared by the ruling United Right's senior coalition partner, Law and Justice, the draft changes the voting rules, making the ballot a mixed one, meaning that citizens will be able to cast their votes either at polling stations or by post. The Senate has 30 days to process the bill.

The May 10 vote was to be an all-postal one under a PiS-drafted law, but at the last moment it was cancelled under an agreement by the leaders of PiS and its junior coalition ally, Agreement.