President sends condolences to earthquake-hit Croatia


President Andrzej Duda on Monday in an online message to Croatian President Zoran Milanovic expressed his and the Poles' sympathy and support in connection with Sunday's major earthquake in the country.

"It is with great concern that I received yesterday's reports about the strong earthquake in Zagreb. I deeply hope all the injured will return to health, and that those who have been deprived of a roof over their heads will be able to return to their homes soon," the message read.

In his message, Duda also expressed his great sadness over the damage caused by the earthquake to Zagreb's historical buildings.

The 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit Croatia's capital Zagreb around 6:00 am on Sunday, damaging buildings, including the city's cathedral, and leaving cars crushed by falling masonry. There were no fatalities, one teenager is in a critical condition after a roof collapse, a further sixteen people are injured.

After the earthquake Zagreb's mayor urged people to return to their homes owing to the coronavirus epidemic. Croatia has over 200 coronavirus infections.

The earthquake is the biggest to affect Zagreb in 140 years.