President hands standard to 3rd Regional Logistics Base, Krakow

President hands standard to 3rd Regional Logistics Base, Krakow Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

At a ceremony dedicated to handing over a standard to the 3rd Regional Logistics Base in Krakow, southern Poland, on Saturday, President Andrzej Duda said the banner was a symbol of "readiness to fight and to defend the Republic."

The president said that the standard of a military unit is a sign of unity, strength and power under which the soldiers are gathered to serve the Republic. "It is always a great moment when a military unit receives a standard," the president said.

"It is a symbol of readiness to fight, a symbol of readiness to protect the Republic, a symbol of readiness to stand in any need and at any calling," he went on to say.

Duda also said that in the military sense the standard is the most sacred symbol that soldiers have in their unit. Losing the standard always means disorganisation, a collapse of morale and defeat, he said.

The godmother of the standard was named as First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda and the godfather, Deputy Chief of the General Staff Divisional General Dariusz Lukowski. Deputy Defence Minister Marek Lapinski read out a letter from Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak in which he said that the logistics base was receiving a standard that would also be "a symbol of the strong bonds joining the armed forces and the local society, witness that the residents of Malopolska are proud both of the history of Polish weapons and you and your achievements."

The 3rd Regional Logistics base was created together with three similar bases in 2010-2011, Its task is to the logistical security of military units in the country and during foreign missions. The unit is subordinated directly to the Chief Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support. The base's headquarters are in Krakow at 3 Montelupich Street.