President Duda summarises 5 years of presidency in online resume

Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

Polish President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday summed up his to-date presidency in an introduction to an online resume of his first office term. Duda wrote that he is proud of what he managed to accomplish.

The resume, presented in two versions, was also enclosed as a PDF document to download from the presidential website.

The document describes the president's achievements, among others in the field of social policy, security, foreign policy, health and pandemic management, economic development, ecology, historical policy, education, culture and sport.

It also includes numerous "interesting facts" about the president, the presidential couple, the first lady and others.

"We know what kind of country we want. We want Poland that is law-abiding and just, modern and solidary, democratic, and at the same time strong and fair. Building and strengthening the Republic of Poland is our common duty," Duda wrote.

In his resume, Duda mentioned state support for families under the 500 Plus child benefit, pension and medical programmes for seniors, and solutions aimed at raising the legal protection of children.

Regarding economic policy, he also reminded about a recent minimum wage hike, support for disabled persons and tax cuts.

The resume also recalls the currently implemented reform of the judiciary, increased military security, through, among others, cooperation with NATO, raised military spending, and the technological modernisation of the Polish armed forces. The document also raises the issue of cybersecurity and energy security.

Recounting his foreign policy contributions, the president mentioned cooperation within the framework of the Three Seas Initiative and his activity on the UN forum. He also underlined the importance of relations with the US, recalling his numerous meetings with US President Donald Trump.

Duda also listed initiatives conceived within the framework of Polish-Chinese relations and support for Polish communities abroad. The head of state also emphasised the importance of Poland's historical policy.