President believes Poles able to build just and prosperous country

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Incumbent President Andrzej Duda in the last hours of the presidential campaign expressed trust that, together, Poles are able to build a just, prosperous and strong country.

Meeting his supporters in Niebylec, south-eastern Poland, Duda also noted that during a second term in office, the president is responsible only before God, history and nation.

The president said that if he wins the July 12 run-off, his second term will be a term of an ambitious investment policy, as well as ambitious implementation of international goals - "building Poland's position wherever possible, supporting Polish entrepreneurs in foreign expansion," said the incumbent.

"I am appealing for support. I believe that we are able to build the Poland we dream about, a just, prosperous and strong Poland. A Poland that cares for its citizens, in which honesty prevails over cynicism and meanness. A Poland that is able to protect the weak and does not have to be afraid of the strong, which is a decent country in the heart of Europe, which has its dignity and is proudly represented," said the candidate of the ruling United Right camp.