President attends World Cup speed skating event at new Polish arena

President Andrzej Duda attended a World Cup speed skating event which took place at the newly-built Tomaszów Ice Arena in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, central Poland, on Sunday.

It was the first competition of this series played out in Poland in 19 years. Organisation of the event was made possible thanks to the construction of the first and only indoor speed skating oval in Poland.

Duda stated that the arena, in which it is possible to organize a World Cup speed skating event, is a source of great pride not only for Tomaszów Mazowiecki, but for all of Poland. "This was a very much needed investment," he emphasised.

"I am glad that, once again, I can be here to watch this competition and enjoy this facility, (I'm glad - PAP) that our athletes can train here and take part in these competitions," Duda told reporters.

As he noted, speed skaters from all over the world can also come to train in Tomaszów Maz. He pointed out that neither the Czech Republic nor Austria, among other countries, have such an arena.

The president added that thanks to the arena, which in his opinion is "a world-class facility", it is possible to organise a World Cup event.