President appeals for putting more emphasis on social services

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

Polish President Andrzej Duda said at Wednesday's conference, devoted do social politics, that in order to build the country in a way that meets the needs of citizens, far more attention must be paid to the social services.

The president was speaking at a conference entitled Social Services Centres - New Quality of Social Politics.

"If we want to build a truly modern state, that serves its citizens in a modern way, where public authorities strive to meet the needs of the citizen, where the principle of subsidiarity will be a truly functioning one, then the issue of social services must be of a wider range than just simply being understood as social assistance," Duda said.

According to the president, people in need, those who are unable to manage the activities of everyday life, will be supported by the Social Services Centres, a new presidential initiative aimed at supplying various social services adjusted to the needs of local communities.

The new act on the implementation of social services by the Social Services Centre will enter into force on January 1, thanks to which, support will be directed to social groups with particular needs, i.e. people with disabilities, the elderly or families with many children. It will allow municipalities to adapt social services to the needs of residents as well as to their own financial capabilities.