Poznan Zoo might transport five rescued tigers to Spain on Sunday

Poznan Zoo might transport five rescued tigers to Spain on Sunday. Marek Zakrzewski/PAP

On Sunday at the earliest, five out of seven tigers transferred to Poznan Zoo from the Polish-Belarusian border may be transported to a safe haven in Spain, the zoo announced on Tuesday.

On Saturday, October 26, a transport of ten tigers from Italy to Dagestan in the Russian Federation was stopped from entering Belarus via the eastern-Polish Koroszczyn crossing because of lacking veterinary documents. The animals, which had been passed by Polish border controllers, were sent back to the Polish side of the crossing by Belarusian border guards and remained in Koroszczyn until Wednesday. Seven tigers reached the Poznan zoo shortly after midnight on Thursday, the remaining two were taken to a private zoo in Czluchow, northern Poland.

According to a statement by Poznan Zoo's directorate, five tigers will eventually be sent to a refuge in Spain, thanks to support from Dutch organisation Animal Advocates. The remaining four will stay in Poznan and Czluchow. Poznan Zoo press spokesperson Malgorzata Chodyla told PAP on Tuesday that the exact date of the transport to Spain depends on a decision and the logistics possibilities of the Dutch animal welfare organisation. "We know from the Dutch that the fastest they can come to us is on Sunday," she said.