Poznan University expands cooperation with Chinese Universities

Poznan University expands cooperation with Chinese Universities. Adam Ciereszko/PAP

The University of Life Sciences in Poznan, west-central Poland, is set to widen its links with universities in China in connection with the new Silk Road network.

Since Wednesday, Poznan has played host to over 100 academics, presidents and rectors of the largest agricultural colleges in China and from countries affiliated to the Silkroad Agriculture Education and Research Innovation Alliance (SAERIA). SAERIA is a non-governmental and non-profit international cooperation platform which is open to agricultural colleges, institutions and businesses from countries lying within the new Silk Road region.

At the official opening of the Poznan meeting Weixing Shan, the president of China's Northwest A&F University, said that "the Silk Road ran through Asia, Europe and other continents over thousands of years and is still an active environment for agriculture in East Asia with a proud history in agricultural development."

Representing the rector of Poznan's University of Life Sciences, Professor Roman Holubowicz, from the Department of Cooperation with China and Kazakhstan, told PAP that the Poznan university has already been working closely with Chinese universities for almost 30 years. "It all started in 1991, initially as didactic cooperation with a few units in China. Later, in phases, we developed our contacts. The next phase was in scientific research, today we are in phase three in which Polish companies involved in agriculture and gardening are cooperating with China," Holubowicz explained.

The professor pointed out that the leading direction and area of cooperation was currently in the field of plant breeding and seed production. Holubowicz also said that there are areas of specific interest to China, as an example he mentioned great interest in Poland's highly regarded position in apple production.

Vice-rector of the Department of Science and International Cooperation at the Poznań University of Life Sciences Professor Krzysztof Szoszkiewicz told PAP that cooperation with foreign universities is a priority for the Poznan college.

The University of Life Sciences and SAERIA Forum will last until Friday