Poznań hosts Pol-Eco System fair

Low-emission economy, CO2 reduction and the smog problem will be among the main themes of the Tuesday-launching Pol-Eco System fair in Poznań, western Poland.

Three hundred exhibitors from nine countries will display recycling, renewable energy and air cleansing systems as well as recultivation and sewage installations. Other attendees will include local governmentalists, legislators, environmental scientists, and ecological industry representatives.

Expected at the fair's opening is PM Mateusz Morawiecki, who will later attend a panel debate devoted to the role of environmental politics in Poland's development plans. Also during the fair the Polish Environment Ministry will present its "Clean Air" anti-smog programme involving the exchange of outdated heating systems in tenement buildings.

The Pol-Eco System event comes ahead of the December COP24 climate summit in the southern-Polish industrial city of Katowice.