Poznań branches out with walkway in the trees

Taking the high way: the new pathway weaves its way through the trees. Poznańskie Inwestycje Miejskie

A new walkway in Poznań has opened giving people the chance to leave the stresses of city life behind them by getting up high amongst the trees. 

After weeks at home because of the coronavirus, people are keen to spend time outside, whether that means going for a long bike ride with their family or walk at their nearby park.

The wooden walkway is 250 metres long and up to 13 metres above the ground.Poznańskie Inwestycje Miejskie

Poznań’s newly-opened walkway allows residents to experience the local forest and its wildlife from a new angle, while maintaining a safe distance from others.

The walkway was built in the Antoninek woods near an artificial lake called Lake Malta. Around 2.2 kilometres long, it is the city’s largest man-made lake, with a zoo, an artificial ski slope and other outdoor activities along its shore.

For the time being the pathway is operating under a one-way system.Poznańskie Inwestycje Miejskie

The project, which was built by local investment company Poznanskie Inwestycje Miejskie, cost around PLN 4.2 million.

“It increases the attractiveness of the area [by Lake Malta], which will certainly draw even more of Poznań’s residents and tourists eager for contact with nature now,” said the company’s CEO Justyna Litka.

The wooden walkway is 250 metres long and up to 13 metres above the ground, and weaves between the branches of trees. Supported by wooden pillar-like constructions, the path has a balustrade on both sides, also made of wood.

The project cost around PLN 4.2 million.Poznańskie Inwestycje Miejskie

The path leads through the trees, bending here and there. In some places, it widens to accommodate benches and a roofed area with picnic tables, where people will be able to take a break while taking in their natural surroundings or shelter from the rain.

The walkway opened in April despite the global coronavirus pandemic, which led to various restrictions in Poland that are now being gradually lifted. However, certain safety restrictions apply: visitors can only walk the path in one direction, entering from the side on Czekalska Street. They need to keep two metres apart and avoid touching items such as benches. The roofed area with the picnic tables is closed for now.