Popularity of electric cars in Poland continues to grow

Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

The number of electric cars in Poland exceeded 20,000 in 2020, with nearly half of them being registered last year.

According to the Samar Automotive Market Research Institute, there were 20,181 e-cars registered on Poland’s roads at the end of 2020 of which 9,751 were purely electric models (48.3 percent), and 10,430 were plug-in hybrids (51.7 percent).

Nearly half of them, 9,996 units, were registered during 2020, over double the number registered in 2019 (4,591 units), Samar reported.

The agency added that in December alone 1,855 electric cars were registered. As many as 1,673 of the vehicles were purchased from domestic dealerships, which was the same number as last year's imports.

The vast majority of cars registered in 2020 come from Polish showrooms (83 percent, or 8,323 units).

However, on a global scale, the number of electric cars bought from showrooms and registered in Poland amounts to 14,543 units, which is 72 percent of the market share. The number of cars imported to Poland from abroad as used vehicles amounts to 5,638 units, the report added.

Over twice as many e-cars have been registered by companies (14,084 units), with private persons owning the remaining 6,097 cars.

According to Samar, the most popular brand among "clean" electric vehicles is Nissan (2,029 units), with the most popular model being the Nissan Leaf (1,795 units). The Skoda Citigo is also gaining in popularity and in 2020 had more new registrations (518) than the market leading Leaf.