Popularity of cashless payment grows during pandemic - daily

Artur Reszko/PAP

The coronavirus could speed up the use of cashless payments in Poland as more and more people pay by plastic or apps, a survey has found.

In a study entitled 'How cashless is Poland,' respondents were asked whether the Covid-19 pandemic had had an impact on the way they pay in shops.

Thirty-nine percent of Poles said that following the outbreak of the pandemic they more often pay by card, whereas 44 percent of respondents pay the same both before and during this period.

As many as 27 percent said they would also pay without cash after the pandemic ends, while 17 percent replied "probably yes" to the question whether they would use cards or applications more often. Another 18 percent had no intention to do so.

Only 9 percent of customers have begun to use cash more often since the pandemic started, while 39 percent of Polish consumers spent more money with credit cards.

According to the newspaper Puls Biznesu, the increase in interest in non-cash payments cannot be linked to worries of catching the coronavirus from banknotes. The paper pointed out that only 28 percent fear infection this way, while 13 percent definitely see a link between cash and the virus. In contrast 24 percent of Poles are not afraid of infection by the exchange of banknotes.