Pope sends letter to mark Poland's independence centenary

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining independence, Pope Francis sent a letter to Poles in which he declared that he was praying for Poland to enjoy the gift of freedom in unity and peace.

The letter was sent to the chairman of the Polish Bishops' Conference, Archbishop. Stanisław Gądecki and is intended for pastoral use on Sunday, November 11.

In the letter, on the occasion of the centenary of Poland regaining its independence, the Holy Father emphasised that the Polish co-founded the history of Christian Europe, before the partitions, by bringing all the wealth of its own noble culture and spirituality. He also stressed that the regaining of sovereignty was paid for by the sacrifices of many Poles who were ready to sacrifice their personal freedom and even their lives for their country.

In addition, Pope Francis noted the words of Pope John Paul II, who 20 years ago, who on November 11, 1998, stressed that the Poles fight for freedom was based on hope which flowed from a deep faith in the Providence of God, who is Lord of the history of people and nations.

The Holy Father also wrote that he, together with the Church in Poland and with all Poles, thanks God for fulfilling the hope of Poles for freedom and that they did not lose it, despite their subsequent experiences related to World War II, Nazi occupation and the Communist regime.