Polls vary on July 12 election outcome

Polls varied in their Thursday predictions of this Sunday's second election round between incumbent President Andrzej Duda and centrist contender Rafał Trzaskowski.

In a survey by private television broadcaster TVN, Trzaskowski will be the winner with 46.4 percent of the vote to Duda's 45.9 percent. A poll by the Gazeta Polska daily gave the victory to Duda with 45.9 percent to Trzaskowski's 44.7 percent.

TVN officials have said that their poll showed a close run between both candidates, they also observed that 7.7 of the pollees said they did not know how they will vote.

In the Gazeta Polska survey, which favours Duda, 3.3 percent declared they will not take part in the elections, while 6.1 percent said they were as yet undecided as to which candidate they will cast their vote for.