Polish Xmas fair in Budapest

Leszek Szymański/PAP

A Polish Christmas fair with products made chiefly by Poles residing in Hungary opened on Saturday in Budapest. A part of the proceeds will go to charity.

On sale at the fair were Christmas tree decorations made by hand by students from the National Polish School in Hungary and the Petofi Polish School run by the Polish Embassy in Budapest. Visitors could also participate in workshops teaching how to make such decorations.

Joanna Gorzynska from the Petofi school's parent council told PAP that the school's proceeds from the event will be channelled to a charity organisation selected by the students in a democratic vote.

Also on sale at the fair was handmade jewellery and Polish cuisine, including pierogi dumplings, white borscht, potato pancakes, dried mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, goat's cheese and sweets.

A large part of the fair's proceeds will go to the OLTALOM Charity Foundation to finance a kindergarten for poverty-stricken and homeless families.