Polish woman becomes head of Euratom Supply Agency

Agnieszka Kaźmierczak, a director at the European Commission since 2005, has been promoted to head the EU's Euratom Supply Agency (ESA).

The Euratom Supply Agency is an EU body responsible for managing the supply and demand of ore, raw materials (e.g. natural uranium) and specialist fissionable materials (e.g. enriched uranium and plutonium). It has the exclusive right to conclude contracts for the supply of nuclear materials coming both from EU states and third countries.

Kaźmierczak is currently a director in the shared resource directorate of the European Commission's transport and energy departments. She has worked in that institution since 2005. She moved to Brussels from the private sector to undertake internal audit duties, having previously held management positions in the Polish civil service.

The Euratom Supply Agency receives all contracts concerning the supply of nuclear materials at EU level. Following analysis, its director general takes the decision to grant a counter-signature, which is a compulsory condition for the contracts' validity. With its headquarters in Luxembourg, the ESA is also informed of all contracts concerning services provided in the atomic energy sector.