Polish, US FMs agree on coordinated backing for Ukraine

The Polish foreign minister and the US Secretary of State have stressed the need for coordinated steps in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

In a telephone conversation on Tuesday, Zbigniew Rau and Antony Blinken said Ukraine needed concerted backing in efforts to preserve its independence.

"It is crucial for the international community to uphold its unity, integrity and solidarity in the face of the Kremlin's aggressive policy," the Polish foreign ministry quoted Rau as saying.

The ministers also stated that any Russian aggression on Ukraine would have "serious consequences" for Russia.

Concern over Ukraine's safety have arisen in connection with Russia's recent deployment of a large military presence on its border with the country.

The ministers also discussed Russia's long-term policy towards Ukraine and the migrant crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border.

During the conversation, Blinken repeated US President Joe Biden's earlier pledge of a strong US and allied response to any Russian attack on Ukraine.