Polish upper house to debate budget bill for 2021

The Senate (upper house) will debate a budget draft for 2021 during its sitting starting on Monday.

The draft, adopted by the lower house in mid-December, envisages a deficit of PLN 82.3 billion (EUR 18.3 billion).

Budget revenues in 2021 are planned at PLN 404.4 billion (EUR 89.9 billion) and spending at PLN 486.7 billion (EUR 108.2 billion).

Poland's economy is planned to expand by 4 percent while inflation is expected to stand at 1.8 percent.

In accordance with the Constitution, the Senate has 20 days to review and amend the bill after it has received it from the lower chamber. The president must sign the draft into law within seven days after receiving it from the Sejm. If the bill is not given to the president for signature within four months after it has been filed with the lower house, the head of state can cut short the Sejm's term of office.