Polish universities present what they can offer students - in Toronto

Six Polish higher learning institutions will present their academic offers for foreign students, in both the Polish and English languages, at the International Study and Go Abroad Fair in Toronto, Canada, on Sunday.

The Toronto educational fair is the biggest event of its kind in Canada, organised since 1993.

This is the third time that, at the invitation of the Polish Consulate General in Toronto, Polish universities have the opportunity to familiarise foreigners with the opportunities for studying in Poland, under the banner "Ready, Study, Go! Poland".

This year's event is being attended by representatives of the University of Warsaw, the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, northern Poland, the Academy of Music in Lodz, central Poland, and three medical universities - from Poznan, western Poland, Warsaw and Wroclaw, south-western Poland.

"Interest in studying in Poland is equally important for Polish universities both from students who speak Polish and from those who have no connections with Poland," Polish Consul Andrzej Szydlo told PAP. "At the same time, students who choose to study in Poland in English often learn Polish by choice. For us, these are valuable links with Poland," he stressed.

Establishing contacts with other universities is another positive effect of attending the Toronto fair, Maciej Staszewski from the Academy of Music in Lodz, told PAP. After the last, autumn edition, his university started co-operation with the music department of the University of Toronto (UofT).

Representatives of medical universities emphasise that the price of Polish studies is attractive to Canadian students. While in Poland, Canadian students are not only given access to an equivalent English-language medical education along with hospital internship programmes, but it all comes at a cost that is several times lower than in Canada.

Art students, on the other hand, appreciate the individual approach during Polish courses.