Polish UNICEF collects EUR 349,308 to aid Africa

UNICEF Poland collected over PLN 1.5 mln (EUR 349,308 ) for children in South Sudan, the organisation announced on Friday. The money will be used to treat children suffering from malnutrition.

UNICEF Polska has been running the campaign 'Save a child in South Sudan' since November. Within its framework, people can send a donation to save the life and health of children through the website unicef.pl/sudan.

"Thank you so much for this, thanks to this sum of money we will be able to save numerous lives. We keep helping the neediest children in South Sudan," the director of UNICEF Polska, Marek Krupiński, said.

The collected amount will be used to help children who are in health centres located in particularly vulnerable areas and in regions where extremely underfed children have so far not had access to appropriate treatment. The organisation will also provide health centres with medicines and equipment.

The war in South Sudan has lasted for five years. Lack of food security and access to clean water has affected more than half of the country's population. The worst situation is children suffering from malnutrition.