Polish unemployment rate edges up to 6.0 pct in May - labour ministry

Poland's unemployment rate went up by 0.2 ppt month on month to 6.0 pct at end-May, according to estimate from the Labour Ministry.

The number of jobless increased to 1.012 million in May, by some 46,000 or 4.5 percent as compared to April, the ministry said.

The estimate is slightly below the PAP consensus survey, which pointed to a 6.2 pct unemployment rate at end-May.

"May is usually characterised by a seasonal decline in unemployment, but the global pandemic is having an impact on nearly every aspect of economic life, including a rise in unemployment," Labour Minister Marlena Malag told PAP.

"Despite that, the situation in Poland today is relatively stable and we don't see radical increases here," she added.