Polish Treasury debt at end-Feb. rises by 3.0 pct m/m

Polish Treasury debt at the end of February rose by PLN 32.6 billion (EUR 7.08 billion), or 3.0 percent month on month, to about PLN 1.122 trillion (EUR 243 billion), the Finance Ministry said.

Domestic debt came to about PLN 845.1 billion (EUR 183.78 billion), while foreign-denominated debt came to around PLN 277.1 billion (EUR 60.26 billion) or 24.7 percent of the total.

The Finance Ministry also published a broader set of data on the end of January Treasury debt levels, which had decreased by 0.7 percent, or about PLN 7.87 billion (EUR 1.71 billion) month on month, to PLN 1.089 trillion (EUR 237 billion). Domestic debt at the end of January stood at PLN 828.6 billion (EUR 180.18 billion), while foreign debt was then listed at PLN 261 billion (EUR 56.75 billion).