Polish travel agencies setting holiday booking records

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Foreign trips are becoming more and more popular, and the demand for domestic holidays is greater than it was two years ago, according to the newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

In an article published on Thursday, the daily wrote that travel agencies are reporting a rapid rise in interest in foreign holidays. In comparing the first half of June 2021 to the same two weeks of 2019, bookings are 32-percent up.

"There is a real explosion in interest," said Piotr Henicz, vice-president of Itaka, the largest Polish travel agency, as quoted by Rzeczpospolita. He explained that travel agencies hardly sold any holidays until the rush began in late May.

The most popular domestic destinations are, traditionally, the Polish seaside and mountains, while Turkey dominates foreign destinations, followed by Greece, Egypt and Bulgaria, the paper wrote. It added that the popularity of Albania is growing rapidly, while interest in continental Spain is diminishing.

The daily also noted that, "Poland is more expensive than it was a year, and two years ago, and holidays are cheaper abroad."