Polish State Treasury debt at EUR 223.9 bln at end of October

The Polish State Treasury debt at the end of October 2019 stood at PLN 960.8 billion (EUR 223.9 billion), down by PLN 17.7 billion (EUR 4.2 billion) or 1.8 percent from September, the Finance Ministry reported on Wednesday.

The Polish State Treasury debt has grown by PLN 6.5 billion (EUR 1.51 billion) or 0.7 percent since the end of 2018.

The domestic debt totalled PLN 701.2 billion (EUR 163.4 billion) while the debt in foreign currencies stood at ca. PLN 259.6 billion (EUR 60.5 billion) and constituted 27.0 percent of the entire debt.

At the end of 2018, the State Treasury debt amounted to PLN 954.2 billion (EUR 223.47 billion).