Polish sports industry worth EUR 2.2 bln - report

“Poles spend more and more on sport and recreation, but their physical activity is decreasing,” the report said. Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

The Polish sports industry was worth PLN 9.63 billion (EUR 2.2 billion) last year, while budgetary investments related to the Polish sports market were worth almost PLN 1.8 billion (EUR 413.6 million), the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) has reported.

According to PIE, budgetary spending on sport and recreation places Poland in eighth position in the European Union. The report entitled "The Polish Sports Market. Challenges - socio-economic influence - trends" said that Poland spent more on sport than such countries as Belgium, Finland or Denmark, and less than France, Germany or Italy.

The average annual spending of households on sport and recreation is PLN 458 (EUR 105), which an increase by PLN 40 (EUR 9.2) over the last four years.

"Poles spend more and more on sport and recreation, but their physical activity is decreasing. Only 28 percent of the public practise sports (while in the EU countries it is about 40 percent) and 56 percent of people do not practise any sport at all," the report said.

According to the Business Research Company, cited in the report, the global value of the sports market reached USD 488.5 billion in 2018.

PIE experts also said that in 2018, 109,000 jobs were maintained thanks to the industry.

PIE reported that the Polish sports industry faces many challenges, such as changes in education that would help in the professionalisation of skills gained after graduation.