Polish special services' total budget for 2019 to hit EUR 350 million

The total budget for 2019 of five Polish special services is to reach PLN 1.53 billion (EUR 350 million) according to a government prepared draft budget law for 2019.

Outlays on all three civilian special services are to reach PLN 1.08 billion (EUR 250 million). The Internal Security Agency is to receive PLN 617 million (EUR 143.8 million), the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, PLN 204 million (EUR 47.5 million) and the Intelligence Agency, PLN 263.8 million (EUR 61.5 million).

As for Poland's military special services, the Military Intelligence Service's budget is to reach PLN 187 million (EUR 43.6 million), while the Military Counterintelligence Service is to receive PLN 262 million (EUR 62 million).

The draft is to be reviewed by the Sejm (lower house) during its next sitting, on Wednesday